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Komoot App For Bikers and Hikers Launches In The United States

The cycling and hiking app Komoot has gained tremendous popularity in Germany over the last two years, with nearly 2 million downloads. And for good reason – it offers features that outdoor enthusiasts have been craving for years. I had a chance to speak with the founder of Komoot, Markus Hallerman. Listen to the interview below to find out everything you need to know about Komoot.

komoot biking and cycling app
Map on Komoot biking and cycling app

Why We’re Excited About Komoot

Offline Usage 

No more waiting to connect, or sluggish performance when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. You can plan your trips on your laptop and when you save them Komoot automatically downloads the map for offline use on your phone – awesome.

Voice Navigation

If you’re running or biking it’s nice to not have to look at your phone all the time to see where you are. Especially if you are out on a large trail network, perhaps in some National Forest or something similar. Komoot’s voice navigation will keep you on track (you can of course disable it if you wish).

Extensive Trail Details

What surfaces are you in for? Asphalt? Gravel? Komoot tracks that for you. You also have topographic maps that then produce overall trail difficulty information. You can track your speed, how much trail is left, and add photos along the way. You can even plan trips regardless of whether or not someone else has hiked in the area.

komoot biking and cycling app
Enjoy Komoot on all platforms

A Community Of Outdoor Enthusiasts

The ability to share your favorite hikes with a community of other hikers is a wonderful thing. You can also post updates from the trail that your friends can follow. We sure hope that the community flourishes here in the U.S. as strongly as it is in Germany. Millions of people connecting around the common goal of enjoying the great outdoors is what we get excited about every day at 50 Campfires.

Cost: Free download. Specific areas can be downloaded for $2.99 or you can purchase access to the entire planet for $33. At this time you can only all areas for the full price. They’ll be rolling out individual downloads in the U.S. soon.

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