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Dirtball Recycled Bottle Clothing Overview

Overview: Dirtball Recycled Bottle Clothing maufactures t-shirts, jeans, and sports apparel from 100% recycled materials right here in the United States. With eco and socially friendly tactics Dirtball’s selection of recycled content clothing is sustainable. Each of their American-made apparel products are created utilizing only recycled materials and by producing our products.

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What Makes It Unique: Using a combination of recycled cotton and water bottles Dirtball has a long list of apparel from t-shirts and shorts to jeans and hoodies. Each piece of clothing is made with at least 7 recycled bottles of water with some of Dirtballs shorts being made with up to 40 water bottles. Just because they use recycled materials Dirtball has not had to sacrifice fashion, with a variety of choices for men. The world consumes around 52 billion water bottles per year in which only 30% get recycled. Dirtball recycled bottle clothing is doing their part to help the environment while keeping you stylish and comfortable.

Manufacturer: Dirtball Clothing

Product Name: American apparel line

MSRP: Varies

dirtball recycled bottle clothing
Dirtball Recycled Bottle Shirt

dirtball recycled bottle clothing
Dirtball Recycled Bottle Shorts

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