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‘Don’t You Care About the Squirrels?’ Here’s Why Foraging Isn’t Stealing from Wildlife

With an increased interest in the outdoors came a recent surge of popularity in foraging. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have helped this trend. Numerous influencers know how to forage and can survive on the available food outside the door. However, many still ask why foraging isn’t considered stealing from wildlife.

In a recent post, Jesse Akozbek, also known as Feral Foraging, explains why taking acorns from local trees isn’t going to starve your squirrel population—or any other species for that matter. 

The account recently shared multiple recipes that use acorns, which are abundant in many urban and suburban areas. In the video, Akozbek explains that there isn’t that much wildlife depending on the acorns in heavily human-populated areas. So, as long as you’re taking the tree nut from near your home, you can feel safe knowing there are more acorns than squirrels. 

Plus, eating something so local is good for the environment, as you avoid the need for more industrial agriculture that uses land that could be better off housing endangered wildlife.

Are you interested in getting started foraging? Here are some helpful tips to get you out the door.

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