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Is This a Real Bear or a Costume? The Internet is Laughing at This Hilarious Black Bear Video

A new video from northern California of a black bear has many laughing and even asking, “Is that a costume?” 

The clip comes from Sierra County, which borders on Nevada. In the video, a bear stands on its hind legs and awkwardly walks outside someone’s home.

The ABC news affiliate in San Francisco shared the video and called the bear “Paddington,” after the beloved children’s character.

The story may seem strangely familiar. Last year, a sun bear at a Chinese zoo gained international attention for standing up and occasionally appearing to wave. However, most people looking at this California black bear video know it’s the real thing. Turns out bears can appear incredibly human-like.

So, why do bears stand up like this sometimes?

Contrary to what some believe, this is not the bear preparing to attack. The U.S. Forest Service says bears will stand on their hind legs to get a better look or it’s trying to pick up a scent.

Videos of wildlife like black bears have become common, as the animal ais found in most states across the U.S., from Florida to California. Bears have learned to live in a world that homes have increasingly covered. Those living near bears should make efforts to keep the animals away. Simple steps like locking away your trash can help avoid unwanted interactions with bears

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