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Here’s How Dr. Squatch Soap Held up to Sweat and Sensitive Skin

A few weeks ago, Alex Honnold released his Free Solo soap in partnership with Dr. Squatch. A brand known for creating personal care products for men, Dr. Squatch uses 98-100% natural products without harmful ingredients and is designed specifically for men . . . so why am I reviewing their products?

The lovely marketing team at Dr. Squatch reached out and asked if I wanted to try some of their products, and how could I turn down free soap? They sent me three full-sized bars of soap, two sticks of deodorant, and a bottle of lotion. Here’s how it went.

Can Dr. Squatch Stand up to Sensitive Skin?

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I am always hesitant to try new skincare products. As someone who has had very sensitive skin her entire life, trying new skincare and soaps doesn’t always end well. However, knowing that this company uses safe and natural ingredients to make their soaps, I gave it a go.

I am also an avid hiker and runner, so I need some good soap after my morning workout or after a long day on the trails. Like Honnold, I also found that I love this soap. Dr. Squatch sent me three bars, one with no grit, one with light grit, and one with medium grit, to really give me a variety. Free Solo has a medium grit, which makes for a great cleanse and exfoliant all in one, without irritating my sensitive skin. The scents in their products also last all day, meaning I feel fresh even as I’m heading to bed, which is a great feeling as a morning-shower person.

My Personal Favorite and Final Verdict

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Out of all of the products I received as a test, I know for a fact that I will be repurchasing the lotion. I grew up with eczema, and putting lotion on at the beginning and end of the day has become a bit ritualistic for me. The cool fresh aloe in the Dr. Squatch lotion feels great after a long day and applies so smoothly after a shave that I have truly become a Dr. Squatch fan for life. 

I’ve also been working hard to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and switching from my go-to body wash to Dr. Squatch soap bars will definitely help my goal, since their soap comes in cardboard boxes. Also, as a brand, they refuse to use chemicals that can harm people or the environment.

I was incredibly pleased with everything Dr. Squatch sent, and though they’re a brand marketed to men, they’ve made this woman a fan. 

Alex Honnold said in his promotional video that he likes Dr. Squatch because his wife likes how he smells after he uses it—and she was definitely right. My household has become Dr. Squatch users, and we all smell great.

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