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The 2023 Outdoors Fall Hiking & Camping Gear Guide

The crisp air, changing leaves, and cooler weather make autumn the perfect time to get outside. Whether you’re a hardcore backpacker or just enjoy occasional day hikes, fall is a magical season to explore the outdoors. This gear guide has all the top gear from our shop and beyond to make your autumn adventures warm, safe, and fun.

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Tents and Sleeping Bags: Stay Warm and Dry 

Mountain Equipment Glacier Regular Sleeping Bag


This generously sized 90% duck-down sleeping bag is well-suited for longer camping trips at higher elevations.  It features a lightweight and breathable DRILITE LOFT II outer shell that provides water resistance. The mountain fit design creates extra space and thermal performance. A roll-top stuff sack and storage cube are included to protect the bag when packed away. Weighing only 1250 grams, this sleeping bag is composed of 100% polyamide outer and inner fabrics with down insulation. Its comfort rating is a cool 5 degrees Celsius, meaning it will keep the user warm and cozy down to that temperature. With packed dimensions of 12 by 9 by 8 inches, this quality sleeping bag is well-suited for multi-day adventures in remote alpine settings.

Coleman Big Basin 10 

Image by COLEMAN

This innovative design features a mummy-shaped head and a rectangular bottom, providing ample space for your feet. Its double-batt, offset quilt construction ensures there are no cold spots, guaranteeing an evenly cozy and comfortable experience. Additionally, a plush fleece foot section keeps your toes toasty, even in chilly conditions. Worried about drafts? Fear not – the full-length draft tube effectively blocks out any unwelcome gusts of cold air.

And when you need a breath of fresh air, the Hybrid-shaped bag boasts a convenient 2-way zipper, allowing for maximum ventilation control.

What’s your favorite sleeping system? Read more about the debate between quilt vs sleeping bag.

Thule Approach Tent, Medium

Image by Thule

If you’ve been on the fence about trying a rooftop tent, let this be your sign to get into it before the end of the year. This three-person tent is great for a small group of campers looking to stay off the ground (great if you’re worried about water getting in your tent) and it even features a panoramic skylight for stargazing on those beautiful clear nights at camp without the light pollution.

If you need something bigger, check out our list of the best 8 person tents.

PEREGRINE Floorless Tent with Stove Jack

Image by Peregrine

This eight-sided tent was designed to be ultra-versatile for a variety of backcountry camping activities. This four-person tent was designed for easy set up and take down and it comes with a stove jack so you can have a toasty night at camp. Whether you choose to use this as your tent for your night at camp, or a covered camping kitchen, this tent will create a home-away-from-home atmosphere that you need at camp. 

COLEMAN Palmetto Sioc


Camping as the weather cools down can be a little bit daunting, but you don’t have to worry when you have the COLEMAN Palmetto Sioc sleeping bag because it will keep you warm in temperatures under 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Stoic Double Cloud Camper Bed

Image by Stoic

Whether you’re camping with a partner… or you just tend to roll a lot in your sleep, this double sleeping pad is a great way to keep you (and your partner… maybe) off of the ground for a great night’s sleep. The fabric has been reinforced to ensure durability when traveling from campsite to campsite during your many upcoming outdoor travels.



This high-quality tent is easy to set up and offers a variety of features that will make your stay in the great outdoors feel more like home. The Lynx tent is a two-pole rectangular-dome-shaped tent that has factory-sealed floor and ceiling seams. 

Jackets and Layers: Brave Chilly Winds in Insulated and Waterproof Gear

LEVEL SIX Torngat Jacket Blue (Men and Women) 

Image by LEVEL SIX

This lightweight, three-season jacket is great for those cooler nights at camp when you just need a little extra something to keep you warm. The Torngat jacket is great for days on the water when there’s a light breeze and is made of a light, waterproof, nylon fabric.

Check out more of the best hiking jackets.

TERRAMAR Ecolator Stretch Grid Men’s Fleece


With an extended neckline, this fleece will keep you warm during all of your fall and winter activities. Made with a performance fit, you’ll be comfortable and cozy in this fleece during the cool weather. Fabric is 95% Micropolyester and 5% spandex.

Manzella Convertible Glove/Mitten

Image by Manzella

It might seem silly, or a little bit childish, but a good pair of convertible gloves can be really helpful when you’re in the great outdoors. Keep your fingers warm out on the trails, but don’t freeze your hands entirely when you’re cooking or working around the camp.

Brooks High Point Waterproof Jacket, Men’s Fit

Image by Brooks

Whether you’re running or taking a brisk hike, having a waterproof jacket is always a great layering piece to have on you or in your pack for an unexpected rainstorm. Made from a waterproof fabric with a windproof design, this jacket is semi-fitted to allow for increased range of motion. 

Boots and Socks: Trek all Terrains in Supportive, Durable Footwear

Bombas Calf-Sock Starter Pack

Image by Bombas

Bombas makes a variety of socks made for everyday wear to any of your favorite outdoor activities. Take advantage of their sales, and try their sock starter pack which will give you one of each of their top sellers. Whether you love a wool hiking sock, or an all-purpose performance sock, you’ll be able to try them with this starter pack.

Find more of the best hiking socks.



When it comes to staying warm, we don’t mess around. Never have cold feet again with a pair of down booties. Outdoor Designs created these for the days you’re out in sub-zero temperatures without sacrificing comfort for warmth. The down booties are also compressible which will make them an easy addition to travel with when you pack. 

Rocky Mountain Stalker Pro Boot

Image by Rocky Mountain

When you’re out in the wilderness in the fall and winter, keeping warm is an incredibly important part of getting dressed. These Rocky Mountain boots are 10 inches high, covering up your ankle and shin. They’ll keep your feet and ankles warm for those long chilly days outdoors.

Black Diamond Access Spike Traction Devices

Image by Black Diamond

Though it might be a little early to break out the spikes, they’re always good to keep close by during the cooler months in case you encounter snow and ice on the trails (especially the further north you may be going). With 14 spikes for each shoe, you’ll be able to keep steady on any trail. 

LaCrosse Hunt Pac Extreme Boot 

Image by La Crosse

These boots offer a thick cushion for extra comfort when you’re out on your feet all day as well as adding extra warmth when you’re standing out on the snow and ice. Made with genuine leather, these boots have an increased resistance to abrasions. 

Backpacks and Bags: Pack Everything You Need for Day Hikes or Backcountry Trips

Terrain Tundra Daypack

Image by Terrain Tundra

This backpack by Terrain Tundra offers 21-liters of space and two water bottle pockets will keep all your gear at an arm’s length. This backpack comes with an elastic cord on the front to hold on to your trekking poles and comfortable, adjustable straps.

EQUINOX Bandicoot Ultra Light Fanny

Image by EQUINOX

If you’re heading out on a small nature walk and are looking to pack light, try trading out your backpack for a fanny pack. Featuring a large compartment with a cushioned interior to keep your small gear safe and stay comfortable around your waist.

AIRE Frodo Duffle Bag – Large

Image by AIRE

Packing for an adventure? Pick up this wide open, waterproof duffel bag is made from PVC fabric and also features a waterproof zipper. You can even secure this duffel bag to a frame with the cargo loops available to them. You can even put all of your gear into this one duffel bag, making it easy to pack all of your stuff in one place.

Headlamps and Lanterns: Illuminate Your Campsite and Trails at Night

PRINCETON TEC Apex Pro 650 Head Lamp


The Apex Pro has been slimmed down from the original design and is made to meet the needs of every outdoorsperson, whether they’re running or going on an extreme, late afternoon, evening hike. The PRINCETON TEC Apex Pro headlamp is incredibly durable and waterproof. Headlamp does require two CR123 lithium batteries.

UST 60-Day Duro Lantern

Image by UST

With 60 days of consecutive power when turned on low, the Duro Lantern has 300 Lumens and is a great option for when you’re sitting back, relaxing at camp. The UST lantern is also durable and water-resistant and you can remove the cap to convert to area light.

DORCY 4000L Rechargeable Alum. Flashlight

Image by DORCY

It’s always a great idea to have a flashlight handy when you’re camping out in the woods. This flashlight from DORCY is high in lumens and is made from high-quality aluminum. You can also use the flashlight as a power bank to charge your phone.

SUN Dinobryte Led Headlamp

Image by SUN

Sometimes, your kids just want to have the same gear as their parents. Give them a headlamp with an exciting twist that will leave them smiling and being helpful around the camp. To turn it on, all you have to do is open the mouth.  

COLEMAN Lantern Multi 2-Panel

Image by COLEMAN

This 400 lumen lantern has two detachable panels that will make it easy to light the way no matter where you’re going during your time at camp. The panels are magnetized and have their own controls so you can adjust the light to your liking even when you’re far away from the lantern piece.

Camp Cooking Gear: Cook Tasty Meals at Your Campsite

LODGE 12-In 6-Qt Dutch Oven

Image by LODGE

There’s just something about a meal cooked over a fire in your favorite dutch-oven. This Lodge cast-iron dutch oven is great for cooking your favorite meals, and even better, you can flip the lid over and use it as a skillet. And the Lodge Dutch Oven comes with the Camp Dutch Oven Cooking-101 Cookbook.

SEATTLE SPORTS Frostpak Artic Wall Cooler


This cooler from SEATTLE SPORTS has a double wall that offers excellent insulation that will keep your food cold and keeps ice cold twice as long as other coolers. The SEATTLE SPORTS coolers offer a water-proof interior so you don’t have to worry about other gear getting wet during your outdoor explorations.

UST Packware Mess Kit 

Image by UST

Sometimes, you’re heading out on a one-day adventure and you just want to pack a light lunch or a few smaller snacks for the end of your day out on a hike. Pick up a mess kit that comes with your reusable utensils and you can keep your food ready for you and safe from bugs and animals in the great outdoors.

LODGE Chainmail Scrubber

Image by LODGE

Bringing your favorite cast-iron cooking tool to camp? Make sure you bring the right gear to clean it too. This scrubber is made for heavy-duty scrubbing on textured surfaces and is dishwasher safe so when it needs a good cleaning, you’ll be able to throw it in when you get home.

Hydration and Water Filtration: Stay Hydrated on the Trail

NATHAN Vapor Airess 2.0 7 Liter Blue Hydration Pack

Image by Solo Stove

As Nathan’s first race vest, this design is made to fit the female body specifically. The CinchFit Adjustable Sizing System allows you to make the vest fit you in the most comfortable way possible. 

LifeStraw Personal Blue 4-Pack 

Image by LifeStraw

Never run out of water with the LifeStraw. LifeStraw protects individuals from 99.999% of bacteria and parasites that can be found in the water and the long-lasting membrane will protect you for up to 1,000 gallons of water.

ECO VESSEL Boss 64 Ounce Trimax Growler 


You can never be too hydrated when you’re spending time in the great outdoors. Holding up to 64 ounces of liquid, you can keep your water cold or your coffee hot all day when you’re in the great outdoors. If you’re going on a camping adventure with your friends and you’re looking for a fun night at camp, fill it with your favorite adult beverage.

Camp Furniture: Gather Around the Campfire

REI Co-Op Wonderland Chair 

Image by REI Co-Op

Spending the night back at camp? Make sure you and your crew are comfortable when you’re out in the woods with these water-repellant chairs. Keep your drink close in the cup holder, and feel good about buying these chairs knowing they’re 100% recycled polyester.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

Image by Solo Stove

Bad at building fires? No problem. The Solo Stove Bonfire is a great portable fire pit that you can tote with you to and from camp without having to worry about getting smoke in your eyes when you’re cooking, or when you’re just looking for a little extra warmth during those chilly nights back at camp.

ROME Marshmallow Tree

Image by ROME

If you’re spending a night around the campfire, you have to have s’mores. With this roasting stick, you can cook up to 10 marshmallows at a time making everyone’s favorite campfire dessert faster than ever. Measuring at 40 inches, even the younger kids can get in on the fun without getting too close to the fire. 

Miscellany: Items to Inspire, Remember, and Keep the Adventures Going

Yosemite National Park Hand-Drawn Map

Image by Xplorer Maps

Celebrate the wonder of America’s national parks with Xplorer Maps’ one-of-a-kind story maps. The collection, which includes parks like Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone and more depict these natural treasures in rich, artistic detail. Each antiquarian-style map illustrates a favorite park, with intricately hand-drawn terrain, landmarks, plants, animals, and human elements. 

RUFFIN’ IT Braided Reflective Dog Leash

Image by RUFFIN’ IT

When it comes to bringing your dogs to camp, you want to make sure that they’re safe. Bring a reflective leash with you to camp to ensure that you and your dog are seen when you’re out in the woods. This leash from RUFFIN’ IT offers 360-degree visibility and is comfortable in your hand.

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