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Fisher or Fisher Cat? A New Video Captures This Unique Animal Spotted in Vermont

The North American wilderness is full of all types of creatures. With an extremely diverse landscape, some local animals may seem foreign to others. A recent video out of Vermont captured details of a fisher.

Have a look:

Vermont Fish and Wildlife captured and shared the video with Vermont Public Radio, which posted it online. The video shows the fisher chomping down on some apples.

The small animal is related to a weasel and looks like a mix of an otter and a very tiny bear. When full grown, they’re about the size of a house cat. Despite its name, the fisher primarily eats meat like small rodents, such as mice or squirrels. However, wildlife officials in Vermont say if the opportunity arises, it will also eat woodchucks, snowshoe hares, and even a fawn.

As the post states, the animals are awesome climbers. Vermont Public Radio wrote, “Their superpower is climbing down trees face first. They have retractable claws and hind feet that can spin around 180 degrees.”

The fisher, also called fishercat, isn’t exclusive to Vermont or New England. The animal is found throughout many parts of Canada and in a few northern U.S. states in thick forest areas.

Have you seen a fisher in the wild?

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