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Fishing Tripletail in Biloxi

Todd & Jamie took a trip down Todd’s hometown of Biloxi to target tripletail for their annual fishing trip.

Sitting between New Orleans and the pan handle of Florida, Biloxi often gets overlooked as a vacation destination. But it has some of the best fishing and restaurants in the country.

A year-round fishing destination, Biloxi has the infrastructure to support any type of fishing and thus, it attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over.

Jamie & Todd head to Killer Bee Bait located there in Biloxi, to get a tour of their facility and see what they have to offer.

Then…it’s time to get out on the water and fish for some tripletail! It’s run and gun style fishing: looking for any above water structure, like buoy, that would attract tripletail. Unlike most fish that would be found near reefs and underwater structures, tripletail hide under above-water structures.

Let’s see how they do!

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