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‘Get Out of Here’: Some of the Best Wildlife Videos From Home Security Cameras

Front door security cameras have become a popular investment for homeowners. Most of these cameras have become relatively inexpensive and provide homeowners with added peace of mind. However, sometimes, these cameras capture wildlife videos, and the interactions between animals and people are hilarious.

Ring, a popular home camera brand, recently shared a handful of videos from their customers.

“Get out of There,” Says a Man to a Bear Breaking Into a Truck

A floodlight camera captured a black bear breaking into a man’s truck in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

In the video, you can see the bear open the back window and start rummaging around. Eventually, the homeowner wakes up and says, “Hey, what are you doing? Get out of there!” The sound startles the bear, but the animal shakes it off and continues to dig around. It takes a few more shouts before the bear decides it has had enough. 

“Nope, Please Don’t”: Woman Asks a Hungry Deer to Stop Eating Her Plants

A video from Cleveland, Ohio, wasn’t as concerning as a black bear in a truck, but a woman’s garden was still in danger.

The homeowner says her camera has captured deer passing through her yard before, but this is the first time she has caught them eating her plants. She told Ring, “They usually eat my Rose of Sharon, and I am fine with that, but my Gerbera Daisies? Nope, please don’t.”

In the video, a woman says, “Nah, uh. Don’t eat those. Go to sleep. Get out of my yard. Thank you.” 

Shockingly, the deer listened. 

An Elk Makes Itself Known

You won’t hear any people speaking in this video, but an elk that triggered the camera wanted to make itself known.

The video comes from Estes Park, Colorado, home of Rocky Mountain National Park. The elk uses its bugle to kick off the rutting season in the video, yelling directly into the camera.

Here’s everything you need to know about the busy rut season.

“Shoo!”: Homeowner Uses an Alarm on a Black Bear Who Won’t Leave

Here’s another bear video, this one out of Helen, Georgia. According to the homeowner, their vacation home backs up to a national forest and is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so seeing a bear isn’t that surprising, unless it triggers your camera.

The woman’s voice in the video initially tries to “shoo” the bear away, but when that doesn’t work, she quickly turns on the camera’s alarm, sending the bear running. 

Cat Scares off Bear With an Angry Hiss

Finally, this video doesn’t have an interaction with the homeowner, but a cat that calls the house home is just as ready to defend the property.

The video starts with a black bear sniffing outside the door. The cat is initially out of view but then jumps at the bear with a hiss. The bear instantly cowers in fear. 

Want to set up a camera to capture wildlife videos? Learn more about trail cameras.

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