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Hike Ahead or Wait for Your Partner? The Outdoors.com Community Weighs in

The great debate on how you hike with friends or your spouse is front and center on the Outdoors.com with Bear Grylls Facebook page.

We asked: “Do you go on day hikes with your significant other? If one of you is slower than the other, how do you handle that? Do you wait, or just keep going?”

Whether it’s safety, logistics, or just plain kindness, many Facebook followers say they stay side by side when hiking with their significant other.

Here are some of the comments:

  • Brenda Howe said: “Let them set the pace. Emergencies can happen at any moment. We stay close.”
  • Herb Davis said: “I would never leave my wife behind on our hike. I don’t look at hiking as a competition.”
  • Lee Rofre said: “I have much longer legs than she, so I become the trailblazer and then wait ahead so we can compare notes.”
  • Dan Godfrey said: “It depends how she’s coping on the day, but always there if she needs me or anyone else for that matter. I walk with whoever is within our group.”

However, not everyone agrees. Some hikers prefer to go the solo route to avoid the issue altogether:

  • Gina Koch said: “I like to go by myself so nobody slows me down. More peaceful that way too.”

So how do you like to hike? Let us know in the comments.

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