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Watch: Ice Fishing – Craziest Day Sight-Fishing Through the Ice

Watch: Ice Fishing – Craziest Day Sight-Fishing Through the Ice


Traveling to a lake I’ve never once been to or even heard of, I started the day equipped with my gear and hopes of finding some good fish under the ice. As expected, I struggled at the beginning trying to figure out a pattern in the new waters. But my luck started to change after I ran into a sub who knew the lake well.

NEWS: Coast Guard Rescues 46 Ice Fishermen on Lake Erie

Persistence was key, and even though I was freezing, exhausted, and could hardly move after 8 hours of drilling holes and lugging around my gear, the last 10 minutes of the day proved that persistence and determination don’t go unrewarded.

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And a word of advice before going Ice Fishing: please buy the proper gear!


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