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‘Someone Had to Be First’: The Inventor of Bungee Jumping Dies Peacefully at Home

David Kirke, the man credited with inventing bungee jumping, has died peacefully in his bed. The Independent says family and friends confirmed the news of the 78-year-old’s death.

Kirke made the first jump on April Fool’s Day in 1979 off a bridge in London. Kirke and his adventure buddies founded the “Dangerous Sports Club.”

He discussed the epic moment four years ago with the media. Kirke says after the jump, he had a run-in with law enforcement. The report begins with “someone had to be first, and that honor belongs to David Kirke.”

In the interview, Kirke says police let him and his friends go with a £50 fine.

Today, you can legally bungee jump in locations all over the world.

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