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JammyPack Hoarder Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

The JammyPack Hoarder Backpack with laptop sleeve is a great way to discretely carry around speakers. The front of the back pack zips down revealing the speakers. It is one of the best ways to play high quality, loud music on the go. The Hoarder Backpack pumps loud because it only uses the highest-quality, water-resistant, mini-speakers that help create great sound. All Jammy Pack products are designed to be able to zip the portable speaker system completely out in order to easily wash the bag. We love that the zip out speakers can then hook up to your phone or mp3 player through the USB port.

To use the JammyPack Hoarder Backpack just plug the speakers in to your phone or mp3 players headphone jack. There is also a USB port from the speakers for USB compatible devices. If you are on the go you can still charge your phone when it is playing music with the included AA Alkaline Battery box. They also have a 2200 mAh battery pack to charge your phone or mp3 player and would recommend just buying that as it easier and provides clean power.JammyPack makes it super simple for you to play your music on the go and still be able to have a fully charged phone when you need it for talk or text. We really like the Hoarder Backpack because it can hold the things you need to carry and has a protective laptop sleeve so you can easily carry that along with you. The JammyPack Hoarder Backpack comes in red with black or black with red and is a unique and comfortable backpack with great portable speakers.

Price: $120

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