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Keep Your High Performance Clothes Smelling Fresh With Sport Wash

keep your high performance clothes smelling fresh
Atsko Sport Wash

We are definitely in to wearing all of the new high performance materials out there. They are breathable, help capture moisture and can keep you dry. But as you may know after wearing a few times, they start to stink. More than just a cotton type of fabric. Plus when we are out camping or hiking we tend to get stains. From a little blood from a cut or grass stain from falling we needed a wash that could easily get those out. So we went on the hunt for a cleaner that wouldn’t leave any residue on sporting goods and performance clothing. We found that Atsko Sport Wash really did the trick.

We tested it on many of our high performance materials and had great results. Even Gore-Tex comes clean and doesn’t lose its waterproofing and breathability. It is super affordable and only need 1 oz of the wash to do an entire load. It is ideal for hikers, campers and adventurists to keep your high performance clothes smelling fresh!

Price: $7-9
*Feature image photo credit: xtremextraining.blogspot.com

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