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Buy ‘Land of Enchantment Ranch’, Your Personal Slice of the Outdoors, for $15M

For about $15.2 million, you could own a brilliant slice of the outdoors by purchasing the Land of Enchantment Ranch in New Mexico. If you do, though, I’ll be jealous.

The tract of land, which encompasses about 12,700 acres, is an hour’s drive from Santa Fe, near the small town of Tecolote. The real estate company selling the ranch, Hall and Hall, says “this ranch features migratory wildlife, abundant water enhancement work, and thoughtful forestry management, as well as boundless recreational opportunities.”

Indeed, with its “plentiful pine forests, grassy meadows, and canyons,” the Land of Enchantment Ranch sounds downright lovely. There’s a creek there, too, along with springs, stock ponds, and some seasonal lakes and streams.

Can you imagine not needing to leave your own property to experience so much outdoors? Can you imagine the trail cam opportunities?

Hall and Hall says in its listing: “the ranch is ideally located for migrating wildlife populations, including elk, deer, bear, mountain lion, turkey, and small game species.”

I suppose there’s a house there, too.

land of enchantment ranch
Image courtesy of Hall and Hall

Would you buy the Land of Enchantment Ranch if you had $15M to spend?

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