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Mountain Lion or Husky House Cat? We Have the Answer.

We love a good mountain lion sighting when no humans or animals get hurt. But sometimes, that “mountain lion” spotted on a trail cam or doorbell cam is really something else, like a bobcat—or, in this case, a particularly husky house cat.

That’s right, the South San Francisco Police Department has confirmed that a recent mountain lion sighting via a Ring doorbell camera in south San Francisco was not a cougar but a house cat—a BIG house cat.

On Facebook, the South San Francisco PD wrote this update to its original post dated March 26:

“UPDATE. We were able to confirm the Big Cat was not a mountain lion [. . . ] We are happy to report there is no potential threat for the neighborhood. 🙀 That’s a BIG cat!”

The original post outlined how a San Francisco resident spotted a large, tannish cat walking along a fence on a Ring security camera. The resident thought the cat was too large to be a house cat and reported a mountain lion sighting.

“Officers conducted an area check, but were unable to locate this furry guy and there were no additional sightings,” the South San Francisco PD wrote.

The police department didn’t outline how they identified the animal, but they seem confident that this is indeed a husky house cat and not a mountain lion.

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