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‘No Such Thing as Too Much Snow’: This New Video From Cody Townsend Will Get You Psyched for the 2024 Ski Season

The new ski season hasn’t officially kicked off yet, but we’re getting closer each day. For fans of fresh powder and winter weather, this is great news. Professional skier Cody Townsend shared his excitement on Instagram with an incredible video from one of the heaviest snowfall days of last season.

In the video, the snow goes from waist to chest high, and the light powder covers Townsend occasionally as he makes his way downhill. For many, the winter of 2023 was a skier’s dream, and this is a prime example of what a handful of expert-level athletes got to experience.

Responses included:

A very high bar was set. Fingers crossed for a repeat.”

“No such thing as too much snow.”

“Would someone dare say this is too much pow?”

Last winter brought record snow to places like California, which saw ski resorts open until August. The extended snow season happened despite the record-breaking heat of this past summer.

California experienced its second snowiest winter on record, with more than 56 feet of snow record in the Sierra Nevada. Colorado also experienced an above-average snowfall and recorded the 19th snowiest winter on record.

Weather forecasters believe an El Nino weather effect will bring warmer temperatures for the upcoming year. Places like the Mountain West and West Coast will also see above-average precipitation. However, it’s hard to predict snowfall this far out.

With more snow, there’s always an increased risk of an avalanche. Here’s some expert advice on how to keep yourself safe while backcountry skiing or snowboarding.

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