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‘What Planet is This?’: Skiers Rejoice as Arctic Blast Brings Fresh Powder to the ‘Ice Coast’

Last week’s cold snap caused problems for millions of people across the U.S. Bitterly freezing temperatures and chilly air from Canada swept over most of the country. Many states continue to deal with sub-zero temperatures this week. For some, however, it’s not all bad news.

Ben Michaels, from New York, enjoyed some excellent backcountry skiing conditions thanks to the latest weather. He shared a video of some amazing powder he found on the East Coast, making his followers very jealous and curious about its whereabouts. 

“When it’s good, it’s good,” he shared in the caption. 

Although many users on Instagram asked him where he was skiing, Michaels has only hinted at possible locations and is keeping the location of his amazing powder under wraps for now.

When asked about the location, he teased “Stowe, Vermont” but some commenters were skeptical. Although Stowe is an excellent ski resort with two mountain ranges to choose from, recent conditions do not match this footage. One person asked, “Mountain? What planet is this?“ 

In the post, he also used the hashtag #Adirondacks, suggesting it could be somewhere in the north east’s mountain range. 

Where is the best powder snow in the USA? 

Image by Philipp Guelland

Powder, or untouched fluffy snow that has recently fallen, is more common to find at ski resorts on the West Coast, rather than the East Coast. In the west, mountain ranges such as the Rockies and Sierras provide deep powdery snow at high elevation. Discover some tips to help you ski on powder. 

Conditions in the east can be icy, and there are less wide-open powder fields. The mountain ranges in the east, often called the ‘Ice Coast’, are mostly below tree-line summits. However, some spots like Jay Peak in Vermont or the White Mountains in New Hampshire are still known among skiers for their excellent snow conditions. 

Where do you think this amazing snow was found? 

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