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Rangers Create Brutally Honest Signs at Zion National Park

Even rangers at national parks must tire of providing the same advice and answering the same questions over and over again. A handful of rangers at Zion National Park thought it’d be more efficient to just make some signs. They’re good.

Some of the signs state obvious facts that too many national-park visitors seem to ignore, like “Hiking in the heat is dangerous.” Other signs provide advice that, once again, seems pretty obvious but still needs to said, like “Don’t feed the squirrels. They bite.”

We can definitely stand behind the signs that offer life-saving reminders, like the one that says “Drink water + eat salty snacks.” And we think it’s funny that a couple of the rangers made signs that answer frequently asked questions they must be tired of discussing, like “Shuttles are free” and “Parking fills before 8:00 am.”

But our favorite sign by far is the one Zion saved for last in its recent Instagram post. It’s the one that says what we’re all thinking when we’re out there on the trails . . .

“No one wants to hear your music.”

Thank you, Zion National Park rangers, for doing this important work.

See the Zion rangers’ signs here:

Which brutally honest sign is your favorite?

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  2. Lori Lathrom

    Up at Mt St Helens in Washington, seven years after the eruption, there was a sign, beside a car that had been rolled so many times, all the paint was scoured off.
    It read: “For years, months, weeks, and days you were warned. It’s still dangerous. So what the hell are you doing here?”

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