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Viral Video Captures Six-Year-Old Boy at Yellowstone Who’s Fed up with Tourists’ Poor Choices

We’ve seen plenty of poor choices by visitors to national parks this year, whether it’s a selfie with a wild animal or simply getting too close to danger for comfort. 

Social media documents many of these incidents. However, a recent post shared online shows there may be hope for the future.

The post originally came from TikTok but was shared on the Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram page. That page highlights some unbelievable things people do while visiting national parks like Yellowstone. 

However, in this video, a six-year-old boy and his family are doing everything right by waiting their turn to visit one of Yellowstone’s famous geysers. Rather than make their way over, the family is waiting for a pack of bison to cross the boardwalk. 

The boy proudly says he would rather wait than get “rammed” by the animals. He has some strong words for other tourists who have decided to cross in front of a herd of bison.

National Park Service officials say you should keep these things in mind when visiting public land.

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