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Rock-Climbing House Cat ‘Breaks Boundaries’ and ‘Loves Boops’

Link Wolff, also known as @link.the.adventure.cat on Instagram, climbs more than many humans do. The young house cat lives in Colorado with her humans, and her social media profile identifies her as a “climber,” an “adventurer,” a “breaker of boundaries/stigma,” and—my personal favorite—a “lover of boops.”

Link isn’t quite internet famous yet, but perhaps she should be. Her notoriety got a boost last week when she and her humans were in a spot of trouble. The Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, a nonprofit rescue organization based in Boulder, reports they rescued two climbers and their rock-climbing cat from First Flatiron after the trio became stuck after dark.

Being a cat owner myself, when I first read about this successful rescue, I had so many questions. First, how has this cat not leapt from a cliff face after getting spooked? And, second, just why?

After inspecting Link’s social media profile, I feel better about the situation. Here’s what Link’s owner and account manager wrote in one recent post:

“We definitely had a few stares and conversations in regard to Link, mostly about how to train an adventure cat or how I can climb with her. It’s always fun to share our knowledge and experiences with others. At the end of the day if [Link] doesn’t like it then we don’t do it.”

It is nice to know this incredible cat has a choice in the matter, and we hope she truly enjoys her life as an adventure cat. It’s clear Link’s owners love her very much.

Would you go rock climbing with a pet in tow?

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