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smartwool phd run clothing

SmartWool PhD Run Clothing Overview

Overview: SmartWool aims to make a difference in avery aspect from communities, to having a positive affect on change in the world. They make all of their products with compassion and when you buy a SmartWool product, you’re not just getting a product; you’re the last stop of a long supply chain that will feel good to be a part of. The SmartWool PhD Run Clothing line is taking thermo regulation for high level exercise to a whole new level.

What Makes It Unique: The SmartWool PhD run clothing line is made with a new merino and polyester blend that allows a higher degree of thermo regulation, bringing the properties of merino wool to an even higher level for intense work outs. A new feature on the Phd run line is the mesh ventilation areas on both the men and women’s apparel. Made specifically for each gender, these zones help regulate temperature. Made in tank, short sleeve, long sleeve and shorts the run line is perfect for active outdoors men and women.

Manufacturer: SmartWool
Product Name: PhD Run Clothing Line
MSRP: Varies

smartwool phd run clothing
SmartWool PhD Run Clothing

smartwool phd run clothing
SmartWool PhD Run Clothing

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