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The Sun Bear Debate Heats up With Other Zoos Promising Their Bears Are Real

The viral video debate of a sun bear at a Chinese zoo continues as other zoos weigh in. 

Recent videos of a bear waving and interacting with visitors launched the debate on whether it’s an animal or a person in a costume. The Chinese zoo assures visitors that the animal is a bear, but that hasn’t stopped some from questioning. 

Now, places like the Paradise Wildlife Park in the United Kingdom are sharing videos of their sun bear. The caption states, “We can confirm that Kyra is a sun bear.”

The Mandai Wildlife Reserve, home of the Singapore Zoo, also shared a video with some sun bear facts, like their unique climbing abilities.

Free the Bears, an Australian-based non-profit focused on protecting bears used the moment to educate people about their work. The organization says they run the world’s largest sun bear rescue sanctuary. Sadly, sun bears are a threatened species and have recently declined due to habitat loss and poaching. 

What do you think of the debate? Bear or costume?

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