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Grazer is Named the 2023 Fat Bear Week Champion

Another Fat Bear Week has ended, and there is a new champion. 128 Grazer now wears the crown of the fattest bear.

Grazer remained dominant throughout the competition, and yesterday was no different as voters helped her defeat Chunk by more than 80,000 votes. This year is Grazer’s first Fat Bear Week win.

Grazer is one of the most dominant bears at Brooks Falls and is known for the proactive protection of her cubs. Rangers at Katmai National Park say she’ll even preemptively attack other bears if she thinks there’s a chance they will mess with her cubs.

Fat Bear Week is an annual event celebrating the grizzly bears that call the park home. Millions of people vote in the contest yearly, which continued this year. In the end, people cast 1,382,783 votes to pick the winner.

Learn more about Fat Bear Week and how much food these bears eat daily.

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