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Watch as a Grizzly Bear and Wolf Brawl Over a Bison Carcass

A scientist in Yellowstone National Park captured an intense scene between two of the park’s leading predators. Taylor Rabe recorded this dispute between a grizzly bear and a wolf as the two tried to take advantage of a dead bison.

Rabe says she spotted the young wolf darting in and out as the bear tried to protect its newfound meal. The grizzly repeatedly chases the wolf and a few birds off. In an Instagram post, Rabe said: “This cow bison died a few days ago of unknown, natural causes – leaving the bears and wolves a great meal to find this time of year.”

Rabe works in the park as a science technician for the Yellowstone Wolf Project. The initiative involves studying the recently reintroduced wolves into the national park. The wolf seen in this video is part of the Junction Butte wolf pack. There are nearly a dozen different wolf packs that now call the area home.

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