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Dream Job Alert: Underwater Pizza Delivery Person

Looking for your next dream job? Maybe one that combines your love for water and your pizza obsession? Look no further than a job as a scuba-diving delivery person. This gig just might be the key to achieving your work/life balance goals.

Here’s the scoop.

There are a variety of underwater (or close to underwater) hotels around the world. As a scuba-diving delivery person, you’d deliver pizzas and other food items to these hotels, as well as boats and even remote dive sites. Guests at these incredible underwater destinations need to eat, after all. 

The most famous location that uses underwater pizza delivery couriers is the Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida. To stay at this underwater hotel, guests put on wetsuits and scuba dive 30 feet down to their accommodations. Rooms accommodate up to two guests, and it costs about $1,700 per night.

Your Next Dream Job?

The pay for scuba-diver delivery people ranges from $9-$25 an hour, so while it may seem like a dream job, it might not make for a profitable career. To qualify for this type of position, you’ll have to be very comfortable underwater. You’ll need a scuba diving certification, decent diving experience, and possibly also training in hospitality. You’ll also need to be in great shape to handle the hefty pizza load in addition to heavy diving equipment. Most divers carry around 2-15 kilograms (4.4-33 pounds) of extra weight to keep them at the right buoyancy while diving.

Being a scuba-diving pizza delivery person comes with its fair share of risks. Those who embark on this career path should anticipate chilly temperatures and powerful currents while delivering pizzas underwater. The startup costs will also be high, since scuba gear can cost between $800-$5,000 for a full set.

An underwater job that includes pizza, are you ready to sign up yet? Tell us in the comments.

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