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Vargo Ti-Arc Backpack – The Next Step In Backpack Evolution

vargo ti-arc backpack
Vargo Ti-Arc Backpack

The days of carrying a heavy, hot, and extremely large backpack are over. The new Vargo Ti-Arc Backpack is the perfect combination of ultralight feel and unparalleled functionality. The Vargo Ti-Arc Backpack is super light with an external frame support that combines the best features of internal and external frames creating a support-to-weight ratio that far exceeds other packs.

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The main gripe of most backpackers is lumbar support. The Vargo Ti-Arc has set out to change that by using a formfitting titanium alloy frame with an ergonomically designed lumbar plate. This provides excellent load transfer to the hips and doesn’t sag, creating a very comfortable fit. A great feature of the bag is the room it provides to pack items on the outside of the pack. The Ti-Arc comes streamlined with a 36 liter “arc” bag that holds a ton of gear, plus it leaves plenty of room to attach gear to the frame. The outside of the pack has many other pockets, allowing for greater organization.

Vargo Ti Arc Backpack
The Vargo Ti-Arc provides great lumbar support by using a formfitting titanium alloy frame with an ergonomically designed lumbar plate

Unlike other packs the Vargo Ti-Arc was designed to keep you cooler, which we love. It comes equipped with a ventilated mesh shoulder harness, which helps with breathability and airflow. The harness is fully adjustable for the various torso lengths and to dial in your fit.

Price: $299


  • Titanium alloy external frame
  • Ergonomic lumbar support plate
  • Streamlined “Arc” suspension bar
  • Adjustable mesh shoulder harness
  • External pockets
  • Elastic compression straps
  • Hip belt pockets
  • Water bottle pockets


  • Weight – 2 lbs. 13 oz
  • Size (closed) – 30″L x 14″W x 7.5″H
  • Volume – 2,196 sq. in.
  • Maximum load capacity: 30 lbs.
  • Fits torso lengths: 20″-24″
  • Minimum waist size: 30″

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