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Ranger Puddletons Rain Boots Are Cute And Effective

Not everyone enjoys the boring green rain boot that always makes your socks fall off. Some want to wear a rain boot that is cute, comfortable and effective, like the Ranger Puddletons Rain Boots. These boots come in a huge variety of patterns and tones as well as different heights.

The Ranger Puddletons come in a high, mid and skimmer boot and are great to have at the campsite. These are not necessarily the boots that you would go hiking in but they are great for stomping around when camping. The boots are 100% waterproof, super lightweight and actually comfortable. The tall rain boots have gore on bot sides near the top which allow the boot to stretch and fit any calf size easily. The skimmers look similar to flats and are perfect for a dew filled morning or slightly wet grass. They are super easy to put on and are just as comfortable as the high pairs.

Price: $41.99

See the Ranger Puddletons Rain Boots in action

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