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Venomous Snake Bit Dog on Hike, Prompting Dangerous Rescue

While hiking with his human at Sleeping Giant State Park in Connecticut, a pup ran into some trouble and needed a rescue. A venomous snake bit the dog, but first responders got him out, despite the rough terrain, and administered anti-venom in time.

At first, local news reports the dog’s owner thought the pup had simply injured his leg. In reality, the dog had come across a copperhead snake, and the venomous animal bit him. Firefighters carried the pup down the steep, rocky trail, and the “dangerous mountaintop rescue” took about two hours.

Hamden Animal Control posted photos from the rescue on Facebook, thanking firefighters by name, along with a Good Samaritan who all pitched in to help.

Along with this update:

The dog is recovering from the snake bite, thanks to the help of first responders.

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