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Video Shows California Brewery Hit by Earthquake Ahead of Hurricane Hilary

While much of Southern California was bracing for a rare hurricane, one area felt the ground shake. Officials say a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit near the town of Ojai. A brewery caught the earth tremor on camera.

In a post on their social media page, Ojai Valley Brewery said, “Everyone is safe, nothing broken” regarding the earthquake. 

The town sits north of Los Angeles in Ventura County. Ojai is a popular small mountain town destination and a gateway to Los Padres National Forest. 

Fortunately, there is little damage or issues in this area from the earthquake or the storm that made its way past just hours after the quake. 

However, officials with the National Forests want to remind visitors to use caution over the next several days.

“While we welcome visitors to enjoy these amazing public lands, we ask forest users at all times of the year to educate themselves and to be prepared for rapidly changing trail, road, and weather conditions,” said Deputy Forest Supervisor Jeanne Dawson in a press release. “Before you travel, know the conditions you could encounter and let someone know where you will be and when you will return.” 

Many roads and trails in Los Padres have remained closed for months after a winter of severe weather.

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