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Visit The Blackthorne Resort and Family Campground

Camp New York spoke with Dale about the great camping opportunities at The Blackthorne Resort and Family Campground in East Durham. He told us about their wide range of activities at the resort, what the campsites are like and how he would spend his time at the resort.

Dale’s Favorite Thing To Do In The Resort
Taking a nice dip in the pool, grabbing a drink at the pool bar and then settling in to watch the animal show.

Dale’s Favorite Campsite
I would choose the Lilac cabin because it is comfortable and spacious and it has all the amenities I would need for a relaxing night away from home including a jacuzzi tub.

Get To Know The Blackthorne Resort & Family Campground

How long has The Blackthorne Resort & Family Campground been there and how did it get it’s start?
We have been open for 22 years. We started out buying a old Resort called “Mullen’s” and we fixed it up and reopened as The Blackthorne. We have been slowly adding campsites over the years and now have 200 Seasonal sites and can accommodate over 400 tent and RV traditional campers.

Blackthorne Resort & Family Campground
Photo Credit: Blackthorne Resort & Family Campground
What are the most popular activities in the resort for your guests?
We have such a wide range of activities, it is difficult to list them all. We offer weekly entertainment such as movie night, Comedians, animal shows, amateur night, rock wall climbing day, live bands, karaoke, and magic shows. we also have recreation activities such as Regina’s “Nature Nook”, Wall Ball, Tennis Court, Ping Pong, Basketball Court, Swimming pool with Tiki Snack Bar, Playgrounds, arcade games, and so much more.

Blackthorne Resort & Family Campground
Photo Credit: Blackthorne Resort & Family Campground
Where is your business located? What are some other attractions in the area worth checking out?
Blackthorne Resort & Family Campgrounds is amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Catskills Mountains in East Durham. There are many attractions close such as the Supersonic Speedway Fun Park, Zume Flume Waterpark, K & K Equestrian Center, Howe Caverns and Secret Caverns.

Which of those attractions is your favorite and why?
Supersonic Speedway because it is the closest, the most affordable and they have so much to do there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

What are the campsites like? Are they more open or secluded?
At our establishment we have all different types of sites and they are first come, first serve so you are able to choose whatever kind of site you and your family would prefer.

The Blackthorne Resort and Family Campground

Address: 348 Sunside Road East Durham NY 12058

Phone: 518-634-2541

Website: The Blackthorne Resort & Family Campground


  • Tent camping
  • Cabins
  • Swimming pool
  • Pets allowed
  • WiFi
  • Group Campsites
  • Firewood
  • Ice
  • 20 Amp Hookups
  • 30 Amp Hookups
  • Sewer Hookups
  • Dump Station
  • Water Hookups
  • Sewer Hookups
  • Laundry
  • Bathhouse/Showers
  • Open Year Round

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