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Wait for It—Coyote Slams Into Baby Gate Trying to Nab Tasty Treat

A coyote thought it had a tasty treat in the bag as it stalked a house cat from around the corner. Unfortunately for the coyote (and fortunately for the cat), there was a baby gate in the way. In a Ring cam video, you can see the coyote go for the kill and slam face first into a baby gate, twice. Whoops.

The video comes from Mission Viejo, California. Homeowner Cindy Stalnaker told KTLA 5 News that she and her husband were watching TV late on Monday evening when they heard a “loud bang.” When they went to investigate, the couple saw muddy paw prints on the porch and walkway.

“We immediately closed the door and turned on our phones to look at the Ring videos,” Stalnaker told KTLA 5.

In the video, you first glimpse a house cat sitting behind a baby gate on high alert. An unknown animal sits around the corner, also on high alert. After several suspenseful moments of pause, the coyote bolts for the cat, but doesn’t expect a gate to be in the way. The coyote slams face first into the baby gate. Confused, the coyote rallies and tries again, once again slamming into the gate.

Watch a coyote’s hunt come to a disappointing end:

Stalnaker said the coyote’s aggressiveness shocked them. “Thankfully, the coyote didn’t jump [the gate],” she told KTLA. The couple plans to install a security door.

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