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Wake Up With These Adorable Arctic Foxes

Arctic foxes can be found all over the world. You just need to go far enough north. The species is best known for its snow-white fur. An animal rescue in New York recently shared a video of two sleepy Arctic foxes. 

Although they may appear to be pets, the animals are part of a wildlife sanctuary. 

In the video, they’re still happy to see their caretaker and seem to act more like dogs. In this case, both animals were rescued from captivity and, unfortunately, cannot return to the wild. 

The rescue, called Arctic Fox Daily, primarily focuses on rescuing species native to the New York area. Something Arctic foxes are not. 

The species live in Alaska, across Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Russia. In places like Iceland, the animal is the largest predator in the area, which is impressive as they generally weigh only six to 12 pounds. 

The animal’s stubby bodies and short legs help them handle the cold temperatures by minimizing heat loss.

Arctic foxes face some threats, especially from global warming, damaging their habitats. Also, red foxes, which are larger, have expanded their territory north, putting the Arctic fox more at risk.

Owners of the Arctic Fox Daily say while these two foxes are comfortable around people, other animals at the sanctuary have had more traumatic experiences. Therefore, the rescue is not open to visitors.

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