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Polar Plunge? Trail Camera Captures Video of a Coyote’s Cold Water Dip

A recent short clip from a trail camera captures a glimpse of a coyote making its way through a body of water.

The video from January 4 of this year doesn’t have an exact location, but the trail camera did record that it was a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check out the clip:

The video comes from SPYPOINT, a trail camera manufacturer. The clip is very short, but it still does a great job of showing the coyote who’s making its way through the water. 

Using Trail Cameras to Record Wildlife

The video is also a great example of how to capture video of wildlife. Outdoors.com spoke to the company last year, and they recommended setting trail cameras up near bodies of water. That’ll give you the best chance of capturing an image of wildlife as animals make their water to ponds, rivers, lakes, and creeks to find drinking water. Finding a low water crossing like this coyote uses is even better.

“For the most part, if animals can avoid going through the water, they’re going to. Finding those areas will give you a funneling effect that isn’t just going to show a particular animal but is going to bring all wildlife into a particular area. They’re going to use a natural bridge. So, if you can find those crossovers, that’s a great location,” said Trent Marsh from SPYPOINT in a previous interview with Outdoors.com.


Secondly, they recommended “take a knee” and setting the camera up at that height, ensuring the best chance of capturing wildlife, which generally stands shorter than humans. A camera set up lower will cut down on how many empty photos or videos your camera records simply because the animal quickly stepped out of frame. 

Are you looking to purchase your first trail camera? Here are the cameras we recommend to keep tabs on wildlife.

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