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WATCH: Dogs Scare off Brown Bear That Wanders Close to Home

People having a cookout in Alaska captured this terrifying video of dogs confronting a brown bear that wandered close to home.

Mike Evans, owner of Kenai River and Company, says he captured the video a few weeks ago. In a shared Instagram post, you can see several dogs surround the bear, which eventually makes a run for it. In his post, Evans says no dogs or bears were hurt. 

Evans told Outdoors.com that he captured the video in Cooper Landing, Alaska, where he was with Jen Harpe, who owns the dozen dogs and is a professional dog trainer.

Evans says the bear had been hanging around the area for a few days before the encounter. Afterward, the bear stayed away for a few weeks but has been spotted a few times since.

Here are some tips to keep you safe in grizzly country.

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