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‘We Were in Awe’: Couple Spots an All-White Deer Near Detroit

Zoe Ridley and Jarod Harris caught a glimpse of a rare all-white deer earlier this week outside of Detroit, Michigan. The beautiful, possibly albino deer was grazing on some grass near a parking lot, reports local news radio station WWJ 950.

In the video taken from a distance through a car window, you can see the bright-white deer munching on some grass between a building and some empty parking spaces. It’s nighttime, and there’s no one else around. The striking deer spots the car with Ridley and Harris inside and glances at them a couple of times while grazing.

The couple doesn’t get out of the car or attempt to get close to the animal. WWJ 950 reports that Ridley was worried about the deer.

“The albino deer was very calm and peaceful [but] it looked malnourished,” Ridley told WWJ 950. She was also concerned that the deer was alone.

See the footage here:


A rare albino deer was spotted munching on shrubbery near a parking lot in Farmington Hills this week, stunning two Metro Detroiters who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Find the full story at wwjnewsradio.com 🎥 Zoe Ridley #albinodeer #rareanimals #deer #albino #metrodetroit #michigan #farmingtonhills #oaklandcounty #animals #wwj #fyp

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Ridley said this was the first time the couple has seen a deer in the area—and it just happened to be a rare all-white deer. (It’s possible it’s not a true albino, but it does appear to be from afar.)

“We were in awe,” Ridley said.

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