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The Internet Is Very Worried About This Albino Fur Seal Pup

In 2020, Vladimir Burkanov, a marine-mammal biologist, shared a rare and unusual find: an albino fur seal pup on Tyuleny Island, a small and uninhabited Russian island in the Sea of Okhotsk. The photos of the adorably sad-looking pup have started recirculating, and people are flooding Burkanov’s original post with comments.

In the 2020 post, Burkanov writes: “‘Ugly duck’ – albino fur seal is rare event. They more looks [sic] red than white. This is a clear albino without any pigmentation even in eyes.” Commenters seem extremely concerned that the seal colony would reject the baby, or that it wouldn’t survive in the wild. Since the post is four years old, though, what the people really want is an update.

So far, there is no update. Therefore, the most anyone can do is watch the rare footage and hope this little guy or gal made it to adulthood.

Watch an albino fur seal pup in a massive colony of traditional-colored fur seals here:

Though many concerned commenters note that the albino baby looks “sad,” this is a classic case of anthropomorphism. The young pup has no reason to know that it’s different or at risk due to its light coloration.

It is possible, though, based on a second post from Burkanov about another albino fur seal that his colleague photographed in 2017, that albino seals have difficulty seeing. Therefore, this pup may look “sad” because it’s squinting or struggling to see the photographer.

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