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Well-Placed Trail Camera Captures Mountain Lion Moving Through the Night

Mountain lions are well known for their silent prowling. The phrase “they see you before you see them,” often applies with this big cat. The animal is relatively elusive compared to other wildlife in the U.S. 

SPYPOINT, a trail camera company, recently shared footage captured on one of its cameras of a mountain lion. While the company didn’t mention the exact location, the camera was placed near a water crossing. 

In the video, the animal briefly passes by the camera into the night. 

Mountain lions, also called cougars, are predominately found in the western U.S. A map from the Mountain Lion Foundation shows the animal’s territory.

mountain lion map
A map highlights the territory of mountain lion breeding populations in the darker brown areas. (Source: Mountain Lion Foundation)

The organization says that cougars are solitary creatures, which makes them hard to count. The animals have a vast territory and live alone, so encountering one as a hiker is rare. Mountain lions will only leave their range to seek out other cougars when it is time to mate.

Mostly, mountain lions do not want anything to do with people. However, if you do come face-to-face with one, you should be proactive. Wildlife officials say it’s best to make loud noises and throw rocks in the direction of the animal to scare it away. The mountain lion’s instinct should be to run away, but if it does attack, you have to fight.

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