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White Sierra Stretch Collection Overview

Overview: White Sierra is great company based in San Jose, California, that makes versatile outdoor clothing for use in all kinds of weather. The White Sierra Stretch Collection involves a next to skin layer of a very soft polyester and spandex top, in a quarter zip model for women. Very soft-handed, light-weight, wicking, anti-microbial.

Next there is a pant. The pant fits low on the waste, has a little zipper hidden storage pocket for credit cards or for car keys. Fits close to the body. Lined in fleece and has four-way stretch. Is anti-microbial and wicking as well. Can be worn under tunics or under a top for very versatile wear. It also comes in a skirt model, which can be worn over pants or on its own. Can be used in all sorts of activities and in all sorts of weather and activity.

In the men’s collection, White Sierra has two pieces that we’d like you to be aware of; their Zephyr Jacket, which is an insulated jacket, fully packable, insulated with 160 grams of whisper fill polyester. Close fit to the body, with an attached hood that can be worn again in weather as good as 45 degrees to a low of 20 degrees below zero. It can be layered and is a great adjunct in a lot of good colors with contrast zippers and an inside zipper pocket. And the whole jacket can be folded and packed into its own inside zipper pocket.

They also make a soft shell pant, that is lined in fleece, has four-way stretch, is anti-microbial, water repellent, as the jacket is, and can fit all kinds of different body types. The great thing about all these pieces is their versatility. They can be worn in hard-weather conditions, sitting around a campfire or going to the mall. Maker sure to check out their website to find more information on the Stretch Collection and the rest of their great products.

Manufacturer: White Sierra
Product Name: Stretch Collection
MSRP: $40-$45

White Sierra Stretch Collection

White Sierra Stretch Collection

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