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Winter Camping On Planet Hoth

Frigid fun for the whole family!

If you’re looking for a unique vacation this year, consider planet Hoth. Located in the Outer Rim Territories, Hoth provides many unique experiences that you won’t find elsewhere. Sure, you won’t be lounging around in a bathing suit, but have you ever seen a tauntaun in the wild? A two-hour excursion with Totally Tauntaun Adventures, Inc. will guarantee a tauntaun sighting or your money back. For the more adventurous, a 45 min tutorial will allow you to ride your own tauntaun on the tundra for a full 15 minutes (anything longer and you’d likely freeze to death). All of the necessary gear is provided, including wampa spray.

Important: While it is rare, wampa attacks do happen. Your wampa spray is effective to 30 feet. If a wampa approaches you, it almost certainly wants to stun you and hang you in a cave. Stand your ground, and remember that wampa spray is effective 98% of the time. It is known that they are particularly sensitive to high pitched noises, so a forceful scream from a human female in your group might be enough for scare them off.

Recreation Facilities

There are 17 first-come, first-served winter campsites. Remember, a balmy day on Hoth is still -25F, so bring that extra base layer. Hotdogs, s’more ingredients, and sweatshirts can be purchased at Echo Base. There are 4.7 miles of hiking trails that are open when it is -40F or warmer. While it is highly unlikely that you’ll see any other campers, you are still required to post your printed permit at your site.


Robert Anderson 4/5 stars  “Colder than we were expecting.”

We’ve done our fair share of winter camping on earth, but were a little out of our element here. We had -80F sleeping bags, but didn’t prepare for the 90 mph winds. Still, we got some great pics of our daughter Ellie on a tauntaun that will look great on the mantle at home.

Andrea Kiminski 5/5 stars  “You haven’t lived until you’ve stared at a wampa eye-to-eye.”

The wampas must have been crazy hungry when my friend Steph and I camped on Hoth, because we had to deal with them every few hours. Steph was pretty traumatized but I thought it was awesome. I even got a selfie right before having to use the wampa spray. Man did he howl when I unloaded on him! I’ll be going back for sure!

Jim Malone 2/5 stars  “Tauntans are disgusting.”

Do not do the Totally Tauntaun Adventure tour! Yeah, they’re super nice and show you all the pictures before you go out, but they don’t tell you that they reek! I was gagging the whole time, and I had to throw away everything I was wearing that day, including the sweater my grandma gave me last christmas. Absolutely terrible experience. Still trying to get them to pay for the sweater.





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