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Winter Is Coming: Here Are the Places in the U.S. That Skip Fall

This year saw record-breaking temperatures across multiple places in the U.S. People even made their way to Death Valley National Park, hoping to be there for the hottest day ever recorded. While that didn’t happen, it’s fair to say many people are happy that the summer weather is winding down. 

However, not everywhere in the country waits for the leaves to change—some jump right to snow. 

That’s good news if you’re a fan of winter hiking or skiing. The colder temperatures are coming. Here are a few early signs.

Snow in Breckenridge

The well-known Colorado resort shared photos of a light dusting on some of their higher-elevation mountains. While the town sits at 9,600 feet, the mountains go up to 12,998 feet, giving the resort the title of highest-elevation ski resort in North America. Unfortunately for those looking to hit the powder, it’s not quite time. The snow didn’t stick around.

RMNP Reports Snow on Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park also saw its first round of snow. The road is the highest continuous paved road in North America and connects the busy eastern half of the park with the quieter western half. The first round of snow came yesterday. While a little bit of snow won’t do much, in about a month, the road usually closes altogether for the season. It usually doesn’t reopen until after Memorial Day, when plows can finally make their way through the snow.

Alaska Sees Its First Winter Storm Warning Since Before the Summer

If Colorado has already seen snow, it shouldn’t be surprising that Alaska had its first snowfall and winter storm warning a few days ago. While most snow fell in far northern Alaska’s Brooks Range, parts of the state’s southeast corner also saw light snowfall. The winter storm warning was the first in the U.S. since May 18.

Are you excited for the cooler months ahead?

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