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Wolverine Creek Bed Water Shoe Are A Great Investment

We’ve all been there, accidentally dipping our foot and shoe in the water. Then for the rest of the hike or canoe trip we have to deal with a soaking wet shoe and sock. Avoid that problem with the Wolverine Creek Bed Water Shoe. This mulch-purpose shoe is comfortable and will allow your feet to dry quickly once submerged.

The Wolverine Creek Bed shoe has drainage holes along the out sole which is a fantastic feature. It also has drainage in the insole and mid sole, which makes the drying time once you’re foot comes out of the water super fast. One of the biggest drawbacks to water shoes is that once you’re feet are wet, they easily rub on the heel of the shoe causing irritation. The Wolverine creek bed water shoe has solved that with a lined heel to prevent irritating rubbing. The flexibility of the shoe makes it easy to walk in and comfortable for wearing all day. The creed bed shoe comes in both men’s and women’s and is great to have on when you’re on the water.

Price: $82

See the Wolverine Creek Bed Water Shoe in action

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