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102 Year-Old Acting Legend Kirk Douglas Goes Camping

At 102 years old, ‘Spartacus’ actor Kirk Douglas was recently spotted on his grandson Cameron’s Instagram hanging out inside a tent on an air mattress. The 40-year-old Cameron shared the photo on his Instagram account, saying, “This amazing man, my Pappy, is such inspiration in so many ways! Going camping at 102! #Spartacus#thrunthru ?@Lisa.”

The photo, that has now been removed or hidden from Instagram, showed the actor in a massive green tent set up in a lush backyard lying down on a mattress, kicking back under a comforter and sporting shades.

The veteran actor turned 102 last year in December but clearly has no plans to slowing down. In November last year, his son actor Michael Douglas, who is 74 years old, told fans that his dad had just discovered FaceTime and couldn’t get enough. “He’s amazing. He’s discovered FaceTime. He just loves it,” he said on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’.

In another interview with Lorraine Kelly, the actor had said that Kirk was all about fitness even at his age. “He still has a trainer. He works out with a trainer at 101. I remember when Dad was 90 and he had a guy that he worked out with for more than 30 years, 40 years, Mike Abrams. I went to see Dad one day, he was 90 and wasn’t feeling so good. I said, ‘Dad, what’s wrong? You don’t look good.’ He said, ‘ Ah, Mike died.’ I said, ‘Ah Dad I’m so sorry, Mike died? How old was Mike, Dad?’ ’94’.”

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