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Are Your Spooky Halloween Decorations a Nightmare for Local Animals?

People celebrate Halloween each year with fun fake spider webs and other spooky decorations. However, wildlife officials say fun decorations can be a nightmare for deer.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) shared several photos of deer with holiday decorations tangled in deer antlers. Officials say other hazards for deer include sports netting for soccer and volleyball, as well as hammocks and tomato cages. 

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A deer with holiday lights tangled around its antlers. (Source: Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

Wildlife officials say sometimes the animals can easily free themselves. However, if not, getting help quickly is crucial. The stress and exhaustion can be a death sentence for deer and elk. In some instances, wildlife managers can remove the decorations, but other times, they must remove the animal’s antlers altogether. The best tactic is to prevent this by ensuring nothing could endanger wildlife near your home.

The issue is often more of a problem in the fall, as rutting season leads these animals to rub their antlers on objects while being territorial.

“Right now is a good opportunity to clean up your yard and to remove items a curious animal might stick its nose in or get wrapped up in,” said CPW Assistant Area Wildlife Manager Steve McClung in a press release. “And when you’re putting up decorations, keep wildlife in mind. We see animals get wrapped up all the time, and all of these impairments can affect their mobility, vision, and ability to eat and drink.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife say the issue has spread in recent years, as they’ve seen more people bringing Halloween decorations onto public lands for photoshoots. 

In short, follow Leave No Trace rules and call wildlife officials when in doubt.

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