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Awesome Camping Hacks We Bet You Haven’t Thought Of!

Camping is fun but can be challenging. From sore backs to grumbling bellies, we know campers will use any tips and tricks available to make sure everyone has an enjoyable and comfortable camping experience.

Here are 25 great camping hacks to try the next time you roll out for a trip outdoors:

1.Mesh laundry bags for drying dishes. Throw in the wet dishes, hang them from a tree and leave them to dry!

2. Use solar stake lights for an easy and cheap way to light up your campsite at night.

3. Protect your toilet paper from getting wet by keeping it in an old CD container with a hole in the top for easy access.

4. Line the tent floor with interlocking foam squares for a more comfortable night’s sleep and avoid stepping barefoot on any debris under the tent you may have missed.

5. Thread tent ropes through pool noodles to make them more visible and keep people from tripping over them.

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6. Break your eggs and store them in a labeled jar/bottle before you leave, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking in the carton.

7. Cover food with a new shower cap to keep the flies and bugs off.

8. Use a cake cover to keep paper plates and napkins from flying away in the wind.

9. Add some adjustable tablecloth holders to your camping toolkit to keep your tablecloth in place no matter what table your crew gathers around.

10. Forgot your can opener? Rub the can against a rock to break off the top!

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11. Meal prep before you leave so you can spend more time with your fellow campers and less time cooking.

12. Save space by pouring small quantities of spices into empty Tic Tac boxes. You can pack a bunch of these in the same space one of your big shakers would take up.

13. Cut off small chunks of soap instead of bringing large, bulky blocks.

14. Instead of bringing a whole tube, squeeze out small blobs of toothpaste onto baking paper and sprinkle them with baking soda. Leave for 2-3 days and then place in a small bag.

15. Dip the end of your matches in toothpaste to protect them from water. When ready to light, wipe the paste off and go!

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16. Dip cotton wool in petroleum jelly for instant fire starters. Be sure to store them in plastic Ziploc bags and keep them well away from the clutches of kids.

17. Rub petroleum jelly on your ankles before you go hiking to help prevent blisters before they happen.

18. Make individual coffee servings with coffee filters and dental floss. Drop the bag into a mug of hot water and let it steep until the coffee is the strength you’d like.

19. Make a homemade mosquito repellent with a mix of vegetable glycerine, witch hazel, and essential oils sprayed around the perimeter to help keep the bugs from coming close.

20. For campgrounds that don’t allow open fires, try hanging a flashlight in an empty jug or wrapping a headlamp around a jug of water as a lighting alternative.

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21. Easy fire starters: Stuff used toilet paper rolls with fluff from your lint trap. Light and toss into the pit to start a fire. Or pack charcoal in an empty, cardboard egg carton. Light the carton, place it in the pit, and the charcoal will feed the fire!

22. Use an instant tent to but back on setup time.

23. Wrap a few layers of duct tape around your water bottle so you have some handy for campground repairs whenever you need it without bringing the entire roll.

24. Repurpose an old (but clean) laundry detergent jug with a spout to create a hand-washing station.

25. Make a compact first aid kit with an old pill bottle as a mini supply for hikes.

Which one is your favorite tip? Is there anything you do at your campsite that is list-worthy? Share it with us in the comments below!

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