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Map Of The 23 Best Sledding Hills In Metro Chicago

We found the 23 best sledding hills in Metro Chicago! Chicago may not be known for its hills. Actually, Illinois has been said to be the second flattest state in the country. But Chicago isn’t letting that hinder its sledding fun. In fact, there are a surprising number of good sledding hills in Metro Chicago.

From big-kid sledding hills to moderate slopes for the little ones, there are all kinds of snowy thrills to be had in Chicago and the suburbs this winter. Some even offer the added bonus of an ice skating rink for a full day of winter activities for kids. You can’t go wrong. If you and the kids are interested in hitting the fresh snow (and you know you are) then make sure to check out our map of the best sledding hills in Metro Chicago. Try as many as you want until your heart’s content!

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sledding hills in metro chicago
Can you ride all 23 of them?


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