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Bring One Tool Instead of 4 With The Zippo Outdoor Woodsman

When you think of the name Zippo you automatically think of the lighter, and a good one at that. But that is not all they are good at. Zippo Outdoor has launched a whole new line of products geared to the family and car camping community. These products are innovative and built to the high quality standards of the infamous Zippo lighters.

One of the coolest tools in the Zippo Outdoor product line is the 4-in-1 Woodsman. Allowing you to leave tools at home, this multi tool is great around the campsite or on any outdoor adventure. The Zippo Outdoor Woodsman is an axe, saw, mallet and tent stake puller. It offers a sleek design that is easy to use and convert making it really handy in all sorts of situations. The axe is covered with an orange sheath that is also used as the handle for the saw and holds one side of the saw blade. The Woodsman can convert from an axe to a saw in 30 seconds or less and can cut through 4” in diameter piece of wood.

Zippo Outdoor has many great products in their new line of camping and outdoor gear that are worth checking out. We think the Woodsman will be a popular tool for campers and outdoor enthusiasts because of its versatility and craftsmanship.

Price: $79.99

    • Versatile axe, wood saw, mallet, and stake puller in one tool
    • 15″ saw blade cuts wood up to 4″ thick
    • 5″ hatchet blade
    • Comes with safety sheath for hatchet that doubles as saw handle
    • Mallet/stake puller makes setting up camp easier


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