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Camping at Cane Creek State Park in Arkansas

Camp Arkansas had the chance to speak with Walt Reding, Park Superintendent for Cane Creek State Park. Walt talked about camping at Cane Creek State Park, the popular activities and how he would spend an hour in the park. Read below for great insights in to Cane Creek State Park.

Walt’s Favorite Thing To Do In The Park
Kayaking on Cane Creek Lake. It is great for birding and observing wildlife. There are several beaver lodges you can paddle up to. Paddling along lily pads in bloom or in the cypress trees makes for wonderful pictures.

Walt’s Favorite Camping Spot
I would stay in site 21. When your trailer is backed in it is very secluded and you have views of the lake and the wooded hills.

Camping at Crane Creek State Park

When was Cane Creek State Park founded and how did it start?
Cane Creek State Park was started by Lincoln County residents asking for a lake to attract visitation in 1948. In 1973 Rep. Jimmie Don McKissack presented a proposal with the approval of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to the Arkansas States Park, Recreation and Travel Commission for the development of a state park and lake near Star City. The creation of the lake and the development of this unique area involved three agencies. With assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Soil Conservation Service, The Cane Creek project consisted of a two-fold plan to jointly develop a 2,053 acre Arkansas state park and a 1,675 acre Arkansas Game and Fish Commission managed lake to meet needs of southeast Arkansas residents and visitors. The official ground breaking of Cane Creek State Park and Cane Creek Lake was on September 9, 1983. A 4.75 mile levee with a spillway on the northeast side of the lake was constructed. The lake was flooded and stocked with fish in 1986 and opened for fishing in 987. The official opening of the park was May 18, 1992 and its dedication was on July 8, 1992.

What are the most popular activities in the park?
Fishing is the big draw to Cane Creek State Park. Kayaking, bicycling, hiking and wildlife watching are all very popular here. We have 20 miles of trails that take guests through the timbered ridges of the West Gulf Coastal Plain to the Mississippi Alluvial Plain (Delta).

Where is Cane Creek State Park located? What are some other attractions in the area worth checking out?
Cane Creek State Park sits right on the boarder of two of the natural divisions in Arkansas. The West Gulf Coastal Plain and Mississippi Alluvial Plain. We are 28 miles South of Pine Bluff just outside of Star City on Hwy 293. Some attraction near us are Bayou Bartholomew, believed to be the world’s longest bayou. The County Village near Star City has 10 retail shops, 5 eateries, and several other services. Arkansas Post Museum and Arkansas Post National Memorial are just 30 minutes from Cane Creek State Park.

Which one of those is your favorite?
The Country Village. Mainly there bakery the Village Oven.

What type of campsites does Cane Creek have? Are they more open or secluded?
Cane Creek has 29 campsites with water and electricity. We have a modern bathhouse. The sites are long and level. The sites along the outside of the loop are more secluded with views of the forest or the lake. We have 1 Rental RV which can sleep up to six and has a deck built onto it.

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