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Case Camo Caliber XX Changer: Review

The Case Camo Caliber XX Changer was a fun knife to get my hands on. It’s not often that we come across a camo hunting knife with interchangeable blades. Four, to be exact. I liked almost everything about it. Let’s run through the criteria.

Appearance: There isn’t anything that especially disliked about the appearance. It’s more that it just appears to be an average knife. This is partly due to the material of the Zytel handle. It’s a lightweight material that, while strong, has a rather dull appearance. The camouflage pattern looks nice enough though.

Functionality:  The ability to have four different blades at your disposal is handy. The other bonus is that you can have several extremely sharp blades ready to swap out. The clip and drop point blades are similar enough to use for the same tasks, so you basically have a spare sharp blade on your Case Camo Caliber XX Changer.

Ease of Use: 5 stars here again. Switching blades is a snap. You simply push the lock in and the pop right out.

Durability: The Zytel handle is lightweight and very solid. No reason to think that it wouldn’t last a very long time.

Value: This is the only place I was a little hard on the Case Camo Caliber XX Changer. The best price I was able to find was $75, which seems a little steep to me. Having for blades is nice, but the blades themselves are of average quality. If you’re confident you would use the 4 different blades on a regular basis it still might be the right knife for you.

case camo caliber
Case Camo Caliber XX Changer
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