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ECCO Cruise Sandal Review

Fed up with cheap, uncomfortable sandals? We at 50 Campfires are certainly advocates for high quality products that benefit those who enjoy the great outdoors. The ECCO Cruise sandal is such a pleasure to wear. After days of testing both in the office and outside we can honestly say they’re durable and extremely comfortable. This is called an “all-terrain” sandal and it seems to live up to their proclamation. Brace yourself for this Sandal review.

Appearance: We tested the Cocoa Brown version of the sandal. It has a very classic look with the brown leather straps on top. What makes it stand out is the green highlight stitching and a bright green sole. It seems weird to have a classy top and a bright green bottom, but it grew on us.

The sandals also come in black leather with a yellow sole and brown leather with a red sole and stitching.

Ecco Cruise Sandal review
ECCO Cruise Sandal

Functionality: These are like the Cadillac of sandals. So comfortable, flexible, all while offering great support. We also enjoyed the buckle feature on the top strap that allows you to slip your foot in and out without needing to undo the velcro all the time. On this ECCO Cruise sandal the velcro is just used to adjust size and then the buckle is getting the shoe on and off. The sole has a lot of grip for a sandal and could be used for some decent hiking. This could be a great option if you wanted to wear something that breathes more than a heavy boot or hiking shoe.

This sandal just feels great when you walk on it. ECCO talks about their RECEPTOR® Technology that helps with both stability and support while walking and running in their shoes. It also has a lightweight TPU outsole that’s very flexible. On the straps there is padded mesh lining the inside so your foot doesn’t rub harshly against anything. This sandal is comfortable, lightweight and a sheer pleasure to wear.

Ease Of Use: As far as sandals go, you don’t get much simpler…unless you’re looking at flip-flops. Those are simple. But with these sandals, you undo the snap-fit buckle the top strap, slide your foot inside and buckle it back on. No complicated straps on this sandal. This sandal is a straight shooter.

Durability: The top straps are made of camel leather. Thick and rugged, yet pliable these sandals can take a beating without loosing functionality. After walking on them all day for two days, indoors and outside, we could probably put them back in the packaging and no one would even know they’ve been worn. We can see them lasting for many, many years.

Ecco Cruise Sandal buckle review
ECCO Cruise Sandal

Value: With a price tag of $130, ECCO knows people who want quality will expect to pay a little more to get it. If you think about it, those clearance sandals might last you 1-2 years and over the course of your life will cost you more than these sandals that could last a couple decades. You’re also paying for comfort and these babies offer crazy good comfort. Your feet will be happy if you choose to get these ECCO Cruise sandals.

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